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Pastor Steven Cariveau

I was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota in a Roman Catholic household. I was an altar boy until age thirteen. I spent most of my time in junior high and high school looking for the next party. I was kicked out of high school, so I joined the Marine Corps. After four years in the Marines, I was discharged and went to college. I was still looking for the next party, but the Lord brought certain circumstances my way that started me thinking about eternity and the true purpose in this life. I met my future wife, Liz, who played a large part in my salvation. I had no assurance of my salvation in the RCC and knew I was heading for and deserving of hell. In February 1991, I bowed my head and my heart, and received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour as full payment for my sins. Liz and I were married in May 1991. In December 1995, God blessed us with a wonderful daughter, Stephanie. By God’s grace, He brought us through, and out of, the doctrinal gamut from Charismatisism to Calvinism. In May 1996, we came to Blessed Hope Baptist Church in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. I completed a three-year Bible institute at Blessed Hope in May, 2001. The Lord has since called me to St Cloud, Minnesota, and my family and I answered that call in 2007. By God’s grace, we have been laboring to plant and grow a bible believing church in this city.

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